Teeth Whitening is basically bleaching your teeth to make them a lighter colour. Teeth whitening can’t make your teeth brilliant white, but it can lighten the existing colour by several shades. Get in touch NOW to find out how!

Standard Teeth Whitening needs a couple of appointments in house, then sessions at home wearing a mouthguard containing whitening gel. The whole process only takes a couple of months, plus you can just purchase more gel as needed. At Orchard House we can now offer Whitewash Laboratories Professional LEGAL Whitening Products. WhiteWash Laboratories are an award winning, cutting-edge provider, of exceptional teeth whitening and oral care products. Our products are developed and formulated by leading UK dentists.  These range from the traditional trays and gel, which are the Gold Standard for getting the best results PLUS,  new whitening strips that can be worn for as little as 20mins…! – with no moulds needed.

Another procedure often called laser whitening or power whitening takes about an 1.5hrs for an INSTANT result. At Orchard House Dental Care for adults we offer Phillips ‘Zoom®’.

Before & After Teeth Whitening

Before & After Teeth Whitening

Safe Whitening

Safe Tooth Whitening treatment can deliver a brilliant, long-lasting result, without . Your whitening treatment is tailored to suit your individual needs and wants. We ensure any adverse side effects are minimised and the overall tooth whitening is as brilliant as you had hoped. Book an exam to find out how brightly you could be smiling.

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Below is a list of Teeth Whitening FAQs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then visit our ‘Regime page which has lots of useful hints and tips written by our dentists on how to gain (and maintain) and healthy white smile.

Can I swallow saliva when using the whitening strips?

Yes, you can. It is perfectly safe to swallow saliva when using the whitening strips. You may also notice a foaming reaction as the hydrogen peroxide gets to work, this is normal.

Can the whitening strips be in contact with my gums?

Yes, but after instruction contact is minimised to avoid gum irritation.

What if I experience tooth sensitivity or gum irritation?

It is not uncommon to experience tooth sensitivity and / or gum irritation whilst whitening your teeth. This is temporary and NOT harmful. To alleviate symptoms it may be sensible to whiten your teeth on alternate days, until you have used all of the strips. If the problem persists, discontinue use and consult your dentist.

White spots sometimes appear on my teeth after whitening, should I be concerned?

No. These white spots are temporary; they are not harmful and will disappear within 24 hours.

Should I brush my teeth before / after use?

Ideally your teeth should be clean when applying the whitening strips. However, do not use immediately after brushing your teeth because brushing can cause gum irritation. You may brush your teeth after use to remove any residue from the strips.

Why is this product only available through my dentist?

WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are only available on prescription from your dentist because your teeth need to be examined to ensure they are suitable for whitening. Whitening strips are not a substitute for regular dental care.* For customers outside of the UK find out about availability of WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips in your country by visiting our Select Country page.

Are whitening strips suitable for everyone?

Though the whitening strips are non-harmful to the human body, it is advised that children under the age of 16 (18 in the European Union due to this being a legal requirement), pregnant women, and those sensitive to hydrogen peroxide should not use them. Patients with teeth sensitive to cold, heat or acid, or those who suffer from oral ulceration should discuss this with their prescribing dentist before undergoing a course of whitening treatment.

Will the strips affect my dental work?

The whitening strips will ONLY whiten natural teeth; they will not affect caps, crowns, veneers, bridges, fillings or dentures. Do not use on loose teeth, temporary fillings or Orthodontic appliances. Consult your dentist if you have any dental concerns.

When will I see results?

After using the strips for 3 days you will start to notice your teeth become lighter. For best results finish your prescribed course of treatment.

Will I get even results?

Each strip contains the exact amount of whitening gel to effectively whiten your teeth. Each strip should be positioned across the teeth and gently pressed into place, aiming to get maximum contact with all of your visible teeth. This will ensure even spread of the whitening gel.

How long do the results last?

This depends on personal dietary and smoking habits. After the use of whitening strips your teeth will gradually discolour. To keep your whiter smile for longer it is best to avoid smoking and consuming foods / drinks that stain your teeth e.g strong coloured foods / red wine / coffee etc. To maintain your white smile it is advised to use one box of WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips every 6-12 months, or use 1-2 strips on a monthly basis.

How do whitening strips differ from trays?

As well as being more cost-effective than trays, WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are more comfortable, less bulky, and allow you to whiten on the go. Whats more, each strip already contains the optimum amount of whitening gel so its less hassle for you and helps to ensure you achieve an even white smile.

Can I swallow saliva when using the whitening strips?

Yes, you can. It is perfectly safe to swallow saliva when using the whitening strips. You may also notice a foaming reaction as the hydrogen peroxide gets to work, this is normal.